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vegan weight loss

“It’s the easiest ‘diet’ I’ve ever been on—I saw results right away.”Before: 200+ pounds, size 16
After: 134 pounds, size 6

A well prepared vegan weight loss plan enables individuals to lose excessive body weight in a healthy way. The diet is effective and it does not require an individual to strain much. This diet generally has low amounts of fat. This is because it does not have any animal product. Nevertheless, to achieve weight loss goals using this plan, you have to be ready for a complete change in lifestyle. Apart from helping you lose excessive body weight, vegan diet also lowers rates of cancer and heart disease attack. It also enables you to maintain good weight and health all the time.

Components of vegan weight loss plan

Vegan plan includes a diet that is free of animal products. Thus, once you are in this diet plan, you do not eat eggs, milk, butter, fish or meat products. The plan allows you to consume legumes and beans, vegetables and whole grains in large amounts. You also have to avoid consuming other foods like soy products, flour avocado and oils.

Vegan weight loss meal plan has five major foods that need to be included for the plan to have a healthy diet. These are;

Vegetables: These include cooked or raw vegetables. You can also take vegetable juice, pickled vegetables, fortified juice, salad greens, among others. For a healthy plan, you have to consume vegetables for at least four servings every day.

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Whole grains: These include rice, bread, cereals, pasta, burger, oats, among others. These should be consumed at a rate ranging from six to eleven servings in a day.

Legumes: These include nuts, soy beans, among other proteins. They comprises of beans, peas, lentils, seeds, nut butters, substitutes of vegan meat, tahini, hummus, soy milk that has been fortified, among others.

Fruits: They include frozen and canned fruits, fresh fruits, fruit juice and dried fruits. These should be taken in two or more servings.

Vegan Weight Loss Plan

When under vegan weight loss plan it is important to know you have to change your lifestyle. This is because effective weight loss plan requires discipline. You have to be committed in what you do. Thus, it is important to adapt lifestyle changes that will help you reduce weight. Also surgical weight loss center is committed to helping patients improve their overall health with our comprehensive weight loss surgery program

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You need to balance between the calories you consume and the ones you burn. If the calories you consume are more than what you burn, you are bound to add body weight. However, if the calories you consume are less than what you burn, then you will lose weight. When under this diet plan, you also need to know that consumption of junk food. Food with a lot of fats will lead to increased body weight. Perhaps, this is why vegan diet plan is based on plant products. Unlike animal products, plant products do not have large amounts of fat.

Today, vegan weight loss is the most preferred by many individuals. This is because animal products are the main source of fats that cause cancer and heart problems. With this diet, many people have managed to remain healthy with nyc std testing.


Your success in losing weight using vegan weight loss meal plan does not only depend on the food you consume. You need to engage in exercising activities as well. Doing some exercise regularly will help you burn some calories. Therefore, it is important to not only engage in the diet plan a lone, also exercise.

Being in a good company of people is also important. These encourage you even when you feel like giving up the plan. When changing a lifestyle to lose weight, keep in mind that it is not a simple process. It requires dedication and commitment. Achieving this may not be easy. This is why you need to be around people who encourage you.

Weight loss plan may have different components for different people. For instance, pregnant women may be allowed to take certain foods. They may also be allowed to continue their consumption after delivery. However, these may be dropped thereafter. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor before joining the plan.
Water is also very important for anyone striving to lose weight. Even when under vegan weight loss plan, make sure that you drink water in plenty.

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