How is a balance bike beneficial for kids?

balance bike beneficial for kidsNowadays, many vehicles are designed to reduce human efforts and make journeys very comfortable. Bikes are one of such transport forms. But, the method of learning balance and steering for a new one, especially kids, is very hard a task for most. To solve these problems, advanced bicycle, known as balance bicycle is created. This is a simple design like a normal bicycle without pedals, chains or stabilizers. The kids are able to sit adequately in the saddle and also able to walk the bike to determine to turn, glide, stop and start with their feet flat on the floor. There are various designs of balance bikes that are available. These bikes are made of wood, metal or plastic and some mesh materials. So, this is very comfortable and an ideal gift for kids.

Factors to find best balance bike

There are several factors at the time of buying balance bikes for children. Some of the important factors are the saddle height, the type of tire (Air or foam), the frame composition (Wood, metal, aluminum) and other factors.

Every kid has distinct requirements. A 2-year old girl who is just starting out will have very different necessities than a 4 or 5-year old boy who wants the very latest and sleekest model. The core balance bike is an appropriate one for kids of 2-4 years old because by this age most children will be confident on their feet and prepared to begin exploring the world on two wheels. Such type of bike is Puky LRM Learner bike. The Adventure Zooom balance bike can be beneficial for the children of age of 2, 3 or 4 years. Pedal bikes are the correct choice for the children of age of 5-6 years. Strider balance bike is helpful as they correct selection for older children.

Topmost Balance Bikes

Among many top available balance bikes on the market, the best balance bike reviews is stated below.

Kazam Balance Bike- This bike is well designed and consisting of several outstanding features. These features are –

  • Available in 5 fun colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Red.
  • Bike weight: 11.2 pounds.
  • Handlebars accommodate up/down and a little forward/back.
  • Quick release on the seat for the simple arrangement.
  • Aerial tires with steel spokes.
  • The seat can be easily adjusted without any tools.
  • Excellent customer service.

The Strider – This is the most effective of bikes for kids. They have the following characteristics –

  • New Ultralight one-piece molded wheel.
  • Strong light, one piece design with proven no-flat EVA polymer tire.
  • Its new handlebar pad appends additional prevention and cool motocross styling.
  • Easy, no-tool assembly and adjustment makes life comfortable.

The Mini Glider – This bike has the combination of the aspects of both the Kazam and the Strider. This bike features high-quality alloy EVA airless tires, low weight, only balance bike with patent-pending foot pegs and lifetime warranty for years of play.

Advantages of using balance Bikes

  • Kids can begin riding balance from a very little age.
  • The children can keep their feet in contact with the floor and it gives a lot of confidence.
  • This offers independence.
  • This is easy to stop.
  • This bike also provides little workout.
  • Improves natural balance.

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