What to keep in mind before purchasing a spin bike?

spin bike equipmentIf you want to buy a spin bike, then you must be tired of the expensive and time taking regime that the gyms offer you. Buying a spin bike seems a good and long term investment, but it will only be possible if you made a right decision in choosing the brand. There are many brands who are manufacturing spin bikes. That is the reason behind the pool of choices. Sometimes this choice may be the reason to confuse you and you end up taking a wrong decision. You should always opt for such a spin bike which can fulfil your need completely. Don’t look for a high tech device which you can’t handle properly. In many spin bike reviews, you will find about the features of spin bikes, but here you will know about a few things that are important to keep in mind before buying the perfect interior spin bike for you.


Since this is next to impossible to determine the height of the user, so the main factor to look for is easy adjustability. Adjustability of handles, pedals and seat all are important to look after before buying a spin bike. Basically, all the normal models have a straightforward approach of vertically adjustable seats. Some of the advance models have the feature to adjust the saddle and the bar with the help of an associated gear. This feature is particularly important for those users who have a massive household since each user will need to adjust the seat and other components according to their use.

Weight of the flywheel:

Many users generally don’t put this point in their list of things to look after before buying the spin bike, but it is indeed an important factor. The most technologically advanced bikes will also start showing problems if the regulator is not durable and reliable. It is the only thing which is responsible for providing a biking experience as this mimics the forward momentum of the bikes. It puts efficient weight on the bike to prevent it from moving from its place or become unsteady in your session. Always try to buy a spin bike which has a heavy regulator of 30lbs or more. Light model can lead you to an unbalanced motion which will in return result in negligible burning of your calories.


If budget is not a problem for you, then you can look for various special features like below in your spin bikes:

  1. Soft seats
  2. Holder for cups and bottle
  3. Dock for iPod and MP3 players
  4. Non-slip option
  5. Better display of the screen console etc.


Don’t fall into the traps of big brands. If your budget is low, then there are many less admired brands in the market which can help you with your need. Don’t just buy what you procure at the first. First do a thorough research on all the brands before buying. It will help you in saving a lot of money. However, if you’re not a novice, then it’s always preferable to buy a costly, sturdy and technologically advanced machine. They can provide you the tension setting that you can adapt to your level of fitness.

So keep these things in your mind and bring home your new spin bike.

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